My name is Rikke

yep; it’s Danish and not too easy to pronounce!

About me

I’m an online business strategist working with online service-based female entrepreneurs from around the world.

My expertise is taking women to 6 and 7-figure businesses by helping them to work simple and easy using Facebook to get high ticket clients.

I’m highly skilled in attraction branding and marketing. Meaning your clients will come to you and not the other way around which often is more of a hustle-style. We work really smart and efficient towards the simple goal; to get clients and make money in our businesses.

Women become fully empowered around getting leads on Facebook without paying for ads as well as converting them with ease by empowerment so it feels good and natural!

I’m always happy to have a chat or call with you on Messenger.

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She did it

She made it happen


Founder & CEO

Rikke Hundal IVS
Established in 2018

Civil Engineering

M.Sc. Technology-based Business Development
Specialized in Entrepreneurship

2x International Bestselling Author

Books published in 2019 & 2020


Rikke Hundal IVS


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